What we say

Quakers accept/recognise that we are all Seekers, that our personal experience of the Divine will be as diverse as we are and that this is likely to vary throughout our lives. Therefore, our experience of Meeting for Worship will reflect this diversity.
This is how some of the people who regularly come to Meeting have described their experience of being a Quaker and of Meeting for Worship:-

• “Being a Quaker gives me time for quiet reflection while still being part of a community; it gives me “food for thought” but the freedom to figure it out for myself.”

• “I come to Meeting for Worship to listen for that deep connection to others, to myself and to the Divine. For me, that is the meaning of “worship”.”

• “Coming to the Quaker Meeting House on a Sunday for an hour lets me dip into another world, be refreshed and re-enter the everyday world.”

• “Being a Quaker lets me be the best I can be.”

• “I come to St Albans Meeting because it’s a peaceful place to listen and reflect with the help of others.”

• “In my youth I discovered the teachings of George Fox and the early Quakers and that is what still holds me.”

• “I come to Meeting for Worship to join with others to listen for that “still small voice” within me, which, I believe, is Divinely inspired.”

• “My study of the outer Universe of Earth, stars, galaxies, as well as my lifetime’s working knowledge of our inner universe of the unconscious, has led me to believe that there is much “more than” the physical and human world of our everyday experiences. In the Quaker Meeting for Worship I find I am able to connect to the vastness and the depth of this “more than”.”

• “The silence is a great equaliser and, as the Spirit is no respecter of persons, anyone present may be prompted to speak.”

• “There are no distractions in Quaker worship so whatever happens is usually spontaneous and authentic.”

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