Sharing in the silence of us

It’s secret friend hugs and the hokey-kokey at sunrise.

It’s silence seeping through the being of me.

It’s turning the pages (in my mind).

It’s expanding my views.

It’s challenging myself: thinking about EVERYTHING.

It’s stimulating, concentrating, contributing, supporting, reflecting, thinking, feeling, hoping.

It’s crafting and folding.

Making paper cranes for peace.

It’s listening.

It’s loving.

It’s sharing.


A collaborative poem by young Quakers aged 11 – 18 written at the Britain Yearly Meeting, May 2022. 

Over 1,000 Quakers met for their Yearly Meeting at Friends House in London and online for the largest single Quaker meeting in History. There , they decided that Quakers would make practical reparations for the economic injustices and exploitation of the slave trade.

Read the epistle (an advisory or admonitory letter, sent to a group of people)


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