News & Events

Regular monthly events:

Shared lunch held now since January 2019, every three months on the last Sunday of the month from just after noon onwards at the Meeting House.  Please check Notices / events below for exact dates.  Happened in May, August and November 2019, last Sunday of these months.
Any Questions alternates with Preparative Meeting (our business meeting) on the first Sunday of each month.  Any Questions is an informal gathering for people to bring questions of any kind about Quakers and the Society of Friends.
Book group meets every other month on a Friday evening at the Meeting House, dates as below.

British Yearly Gathering (BYG) 2017 Warwick University : Epistle : please search for main Friends Meeting House website for links to the Epistle, Salter and Gorman lectures, transcripts and summary of the 2017 Swarthmoor Lecture delivered by Catherine West MP.  This latter lecture transcript can be purchased as a booklet from Friends House, Euston.

Bookings for Yearly Meeting Gathering 2020 is now open (since Wednesday 8 January 2020).  The Gathering will be held at the University of Bath from 1 – 7 August 2020.  We hope to build a Gathering full of worship, fun, conversation, sharing, hope, games, learning, community and above all challenge.

The brochure is being sent to meetings in the week ending 11/1/20 and this document contains practical information about the Gathering as well as material to help you prepare for Yearly Meeting.  The information contained in the brochure is also available now on our website along with a PDF version of the brochure and a PDF version of the preparation materials.

The theme for the Gathering is Listening, prophecy and reconciliation: allyship in a climate emergency.  This theme was discerned by young Friends on Junior Yearly Meeting Arrangements Committee and we have welcomed their leadership.  The suggested resources contained on the website and in the brochure include links to podcasts on allyship, climate change and activism as well as other written resources.  We hope to build on these resources between now and the Gathering.

Forthcoming events

Sunday 12th January : (second Sunday of the month) After-word immediately following MfW.

Sunday 12th January : 2pm – Area Meeting at Leighton Buzzard Meeting House.  The agenda will include a suggested minute for Meeting for Sufferings : the ‘concern for the right to compassionate assistance to die.’

Sunday 19th January : Week of Prayer for Christian Unity service at St. Bartholomew’s church Hall in Vesta Avenue on at 3.30 pm.  This will be an informal service of worship on the theme for the Week – ‘An Unusual Kindness’ – alongside refreshments and socialising.  Not in rows listening to the leader and speaker, who will be Revd Kirsty Wainwright, Curate and Deacon from St. Stephen’s Parish, but informally around tables.

Monday 20th January : 7:30 – Discussion Group meets on the third Monday of each month at the Randles’ house.  We will be looking at ‘Words’, an article from a recent copy of The Friend.  Copies of the article are on the table in the foyer.

Saturday 25th January : 10am – 4pm – Workshop: Singing with Children in a Quaker Setting.  Join Leonora Davies and Elena Browne for a day at Friends House as we explore how to use singing in children’s meeting, all age worship and beyond. This is an event for all ages. Those under 18 will need to come with an adult who will be responsible for them during the day.The cost is £10 for adults and £5 for under 18s. A packed lunch will be provided.To book your place, please complete the online form at:

Sunday 26th January : (fourth Sunday of the month) After-word immediately following MfW.

Friday 6th March : 7:30 – Book Group, in the Meeting House library. 


The December 2019 Monthly Mailing from Friends House is available on the monthly mailing web page at giving access to electronic versions of the covering letter and all the other documents included in the mailing.

British Yearly Gathering (BYG) 2020 Bath University Campus : 1 – 7th August 2020.  Applications through Friends Meeting House from January 2020. 

Request from Meeting for Sufferings:  they would like to arrange a display of the Society’s  progress with our Yearly Meeting commitment to work towards becoming a low-carbon, sustainable community.  Any examples (words or pictures) about what local Friends are doing in relation to the climate emergency would be welcome

Gardening Group. We hope to form a group that would take an interest in the development of the Meeting House garden. Speak to Valerie Coast if you would like to join.

How and why did I become a Quaker:  Request for information from a researcher, Richard Baimbridge.  Full details in the green letter on the table.

Being Friends Together this has been developed by Woodbrooke and Quaker Life to help Friends in meetings to develop spiritually, both as individuals and meetings. It is available online for anyone in meeting. Please contact the clerk for more info.

Two Housing booklets – “Principles for a Just Housing Policy” and “Housing: our Spiritual Concern” are available please contact Paula Harvey on 020 7663 1036 for copies.

One of the new ways to connect British Friends with Friends worldwide is via the Online Quaker World Relations Committee Network.  To join the Network contact: Marleen Schepers,, 020 7663 1143 Further information at:  

There is now an on-line forum at for anyone with an interest in Quakers.  Topics since Yearly Meeting have included the Swarthmore Lecture, the possible revision of Quaker Faith and Practice and the meaning of membership.  Established Quakers can offer some answers to enquirers.

Elders are encouraging Friends to take up courses focussed on enhancing the various roles within Meeting such as Elders, Overseers, Clerk etc.  Please speak to an Elder for this and for funding agreement.

Traidcraft has launched its Fair Necessities appeal help smallholder farmers around the world to grow more, earn more and eat more. The British Government will match all donations pound for pound. Donate on link) or you can text DOUBLE to 70500 to donate £5.

Teachers of English needed for Syrian Refugees: If you are interested in either teaching or volunteering, please contact Gill Searle at    Please note that we were given the wrong email address last week. This is the correct one.

Information in the Meeting House Foyer

Economic inequality a Quaker concern

Newsletter produced by Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith relations

St Albans Credit Union: Application Forms available on the table.

Amongst Friends (Europe and Middle East section of FWCC)

Current copies of The Friend, Quaker News, Friends Quarterly, Quaker Voices

Quakers growing together as a sustainable community.  Useful websites:

The collection for January is for Ecumenical Accompaniers