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Motive for Meeting

Motive for Meeting

The care of the fabric and structure 
of the building
often is my most pressing of concerns.
But this is to work with the wherewithal 
not the why.

The right ordering of the business
of the meeting
often occupies the front of my mind.
But this is to major on the method 
not the aim.

The attempt to centre attention
in the meeting
often takes discipline, focus and time.
But this is only to tend to technique
not spirit.

The work on the building and business 
for the meeting
are only the means for it to happen,
But the meeting is the way the world 
will change.

After Meeting 2022.01.09

Meetings for Worship

We held our first Meeting for Worship together today since March. There were six of us in the pleasant surroundings of the garden, bathed in sunlight and blessed with birdsong. The flowers in the courtyard are wonderful, thanks to Mary.

Having carried out a risk assessment and put in place posters about safety during COVID-19 and provided for hand-washing or sanitiser, and markings for social distancing etc., we are able to resume weekly Meetings for Worship, outdoor for preference, but indoors if the weather is not kind. We will be limited to eight people if we move indoors, so registration with the Clerk is necessary. The kitchen will not be used nor will there be anything that is normally shared, such as books. The cleaning regime for the Meeting House and particularly the toilets will be considered with our cleaner this week. They’re will be a one way system operating when we meet indoors, so please follow the guidance of the welcomers. We are not planning to re-open for any other groups before September at the earliest.

We continue to care for each other and keep in touch by phone and email. Please contact Adela or Jackie our Overseers with any concerns.

Flower display by the south wall
Flowers in the courtyard trough
Flowers by the front corner

October events

October events

1st Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

Quaker Week – theme Living in Turbulent Times

4th Meeting for Worship at 11.30am

6th Garden tidy-up session starting at 2pm

8th Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

Area Meeting At Hemel Hempstead at 2pm

15th Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

20th Shared Meal with Milton Keynes Friends at 7pm

22nd Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

Meeting for Worship for Business at 12noon

29th British Summer Time ends

Meeting for Worship at 10.45am