About Us

We are a small but friendly meeting, always ready to welcome visitors. We are willing to share our experiences of being Quakers, and our commitment to living out our faith, through simplicity, truth, equality, peace and care for the earth.

We have a team of Elders, as from 1.1.2022 they are Debbie Kirkham  and Terry Oakley . Elders have responsibility for the spiritual life of the Meeting. We also have two Pastoral Friends, Jean Roucoux and Adela Atkinson, who have responsibility for the care of the members. We also have a Clerk, who carries responsibility for the administration and general life of the Meeting. Terry Oakley is Clerk and will have different assistant clerks at each Meeting for Worship for Business.  (email LBClerk@virginmedia.com or Clerk@leightonbuzzardquakers.org.uk)

The Meeting House dates from the late 1700s and is a listed building. There is a burial ground to the rear, which is a quiet space and offered to the community as a natural garden. Recently a new path has been laid at the side of the Meeting House to improve access to the garden.

P1130075Quakers are known formally as the Religious Society of Friends.
Around 23,000 people attend nearly 475 Quaker meetings in Britain.

How to Find out More:__
A good place to start is Britain Yearly Meeting(external link).