White Poppies



White Poppies are worn to remember all those who have died or suffered in wars and other conflicts and to show a commitment to peace-making. Some wear them alongside red poppies others wear them on their own. In several towns wreaths of white poppies are laid at War Memorials alongside the traditional  wreaths of red poppies.

Respecting the views and values of others is important to Quakers, who believe there is that of God in everyone. It is a hope of some Quakers that by the year 2018 Remembrance  Day events will include representatives not only of British society but also of German and French communities. So that the experience of all those involved in the two world wars will be remembered.

Amongst the huge crowd at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Leighton Buzzard on 11.11.18 were a small group of Quakers who had come to witness for peace and to lay a wreath of red and white poppies.

Though there was long list of those who were to lay wreaths, The  Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was not mentioned. But the wreath was laid anyway.

The ceremony was dominated by a militaristic parade, with standard bearers of all ages, from war veterans to Brownies. There were a few in the crowd wearing white poppies, or both white and red poppies.

Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.