Large Meeting Room
Large Meeting Room
Small Meeting Room

There are two main rooms, the Large Meeting Room and the Small Meeting Room. Between them is a small space as a ‘buffer’, but which can be used as a break out area. There is a kitchen off the Small Meeting Room.

Buffer Space

Disabled Access Information

Parking is not allowed in the cobbled courtyard because it is a conservation area. It is possible, however, to set down by the entrance. There are a few parking bays on the street near the Meeting House, though parking is limited to thirty minutes. On the opposite side of the road bays are limited to two hours. Further along  North Street  at the junction with Baker Street there is a car park where there is also a two hour limit.

The Large Meeting Room is accessible by people using wheelchairs and there is a ramp to the Buffer  space and Small Meeting Room.  The kitchen is not wheelchair accessible.

Fire Safety

In the event of a fire the assembly pint is on the pavement in front of 27 North Street. The exit for wheelchairs is via the main entrance to the Large Meeting Room.

There are two unisex toilets, one is partially accessible toilet. They are reached from the outside of the building.


It is the wish of Leighton Buzzard Friends that the meeting house should be used as much as possible for the benefit of the local community. We welcome hirers whose activities do not conflict with recognised Quaker principles and values. We accept bookings for commercial purposes but give preference to non-profit organisations. For Lettings enquiries please telephone 07936 394877 or email

To see details of existing bookings please click  Calendar