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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity United Service 20.1.2019

The Leighton-Linslade Churches Together Service to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will be held at the Friends Meeting House on Sunday 20th January 2019 at 3.30pm.

This is an annual opportunity for Christians to meet together and express their commitment to seek unity. This year the material for the service comes from Christians in Indonesia. The theme is ‘Justice and only justice you shall pursue’. Indonesia is a very diverse country and unity is valued, but there are huge gaps between rich and poor, and some antagonism between different groups.

One of the reflections for individual use during the eight days of Prayer is …

If I am to speak truth to power, whose truth do I speak?
Whose justice do I seek in the space between my right-ness and that of the ‘other’?
If I say ‘yes’ to justice, does that make it all mine?
What of the grey between the emphatics?

Let me declare boldly, sure-footedly that my yes is a “yes-yes”, and my no is “no”.’  Says Jesus. ‘Let me draw clarity in the sand that defines and refines knowledge, truth and tales in such a way that all are sure. ‘Let me dwell deep in the place within
where, regardless of the outward form you know beyond doubt’s shadow,
that truth and justice, peace and righteousness lie.
‘And let me, in my boldness turn widdershins the hypocrisy of
those who confuse integrity with fake-ness,
who obscure truth with falsehood and call it news.
‘Let me boldly be good news.’

White and Red Poppies on Remembrance Sunday

Amongst the huge crowd at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Leighton Buzzard on 11.11.18 were a small group of Quakers who had come to witness for peace and to lay a wreath of red and white poppies.

Though there was long list of those who were to lay wreaths, The  Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was not mentioned. But the wreath was laid anyway.

The ceremony was dominated by a militaristic parade, with standard bearers of all ages, from war veterans to Brownies. There were a few in the crowd wearing white poppies, or both white and red poppies.

Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.

Ride for Equality & the Common Good

We were delighted to welcome seventeen riders travelling from Swarthmore Hall, in the Northwest of England, to Downing Street, London. They were witnessing to the terrible consequences of cuts to funding for the vulnerable and disabled. Their declaration can be seen by clicking on this link. Declaration for Equality and the Common Good.

They were inspired by their own experiences and by the historic ride by Margaret Fell, the “Mother of Quakerism” from her home, Swarthmore Hall, to present a petition to Charles II, pleading for an end to the persecution of Quakers, who, she declared are a “peaceable people”.

The riders included people with disabilities and carers with first hand experience of the tragic effects of the introduction of the universal credit system. Their message is “We can afford to care”. See this quick snap shot.


They started their journey on Sunday 22nd July and aim to present their petition to  number 10 Downing Street at 3pm on Friday 3rd August.

We welcomed them on Tuesday 31st July after they had ridden from Northampton via Milton Keynes. We enjoyed a meal together and shared stories and concerns. Some slept on the Meeting House floor, others in the garden under the stars and the rest in Friends Homes. They left after breakfast and a short  Meeting for Worship on Wednesday morning, having dealt with a broken spoke and a puncture!

It is possible to follow their progress and learn more about their witness by following this link.





Looking to the future

A special meeting will be held to discern the way forward for the Meeting. It will be after Meeting for Worship on Sunday 18th March. Such a Meeting is often called a ‘Threshing Meeting’ as ideas are collected and examined. This is a positive looking ahead to ensure succession planning of officers, the possibilities for growth and developments.


December events

3rd 10.45am Meeting for Worship

        12noon Meeting for Worship for Business

6th 11.30am Meeting for Worship (approximately 30 Minutes)

10th 10.45am Meeting for Worship

17th 10.45am Meeting for Worship (all-age) followed by shared lunch

24th 10.45am Meeting for Worship

31st 10.45am Meeting for Worship



November Events


Ist November Wednesday 11.30am Mid-Week Meeting for Worship

12.00 Shared lunch – all welcome

3rd November Friday 2pm Gardening Working Party

5th November Sunday 10.45am Meeting for Worship

12th November Sunday 10.45am Meeting for Worship

19th November Sunday 10.45am Meeting for Worship

2pm Area Meeting  at Milton Keynes Meeting House

26th November 10.45am Meeting for Worship

October events

October events

1st Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

Quaker Week – theme Living in Turbulent Times

4th Meeting for Worship at 11.30am

6th Garden tidy-up session starting at 2pm

8th Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

Area Meeting At Hemel Hempstead at 2pm

15th Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

20th Shared Meal with Milton Keynes Friends at 7pm

22nd Meeting for Worship at 10.45am

Meeting for Worship for Business at 12noon

29th British Summer Time ends

Meeting for Worship at 10.45am