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White and Red Poppies on Remembrance Sunday

Amongst the huge crowd at the Remembrance Sunday ceremony in Leighton Buzzard on 11.11.18 were a small group of Quakers who had come to witness for peace and to lay a wreath of red and white poppies.

Though there was long list of those who were to lay wreaths, The  Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was not mentioned. But the wreath was laid anyway.

The ceremony was dominated by a militaristic parade, with standard bearers of all ages, from war veterans to Brownies. There were a few in the crowd wearing white poppies, or both white and red poppies.

Here are some of the photographs taken on the day.

December events

3rd 10.45am Meeting for Worship

        12noon Meeting for Worship for Business

6th 11.30am Meeting for Worship (approximately 30 Minutes)

10th 10.45am Meeting for Worship

17th 10.45am Meeting for Worship (all-age) followed by shared lunch

24th 10.45am Meeting for Worship

31st 10.45am Meeting for Worship



New carpet & lights

Carpet tiles are to be laid in the Small Meeting Room on Friday 3rd March. We hope this will improve the experience for users of the Meeting House.

On Thursday 2nd March the light over the wrought iron gates will be reconnected and the light over the door with the key pad will be changed to one with a sensor so that it will be easier to enter the key code and come in to the building.


Bird’s nest

Blackbird's nest
Blackbird’s nest

Today we discovered a bird’s nest next to the Meeting House door. There are four chicks being reared. We think they are blackbirds. They do not seem to mind people going in and out. We found them charming and enthralling!

Open Garden Day

A very successful Open Garden Day saw dozens of visitors enjoying the garden as well as tea and cake! Thanks to all who came and helped. Here is a selection of pictures of how the garden looked on the day.

Wheelbarrow open Garden Day 2016
Open Garden Day 1

Open Garden Day 5
Open Garden Day 2

Open Garden Day 3
Open Garden Day 3

Open Garden Day 1
Open Garden Day 4

Open Garden Day 2
Open Garden Day 5

Visit of Paul Parker

Paul Parker at Leighton Buzzard Meeting.
Paul Parker at Leighton Buzzard Meeting.

On Tuesday 17th May the Recording Clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting, Paul Parker, spoke at an open meeting at which were about twenty Friends from the area. He described his faith journey in Quakerism and his role as Recording Clerk, then went on to explore ways in which Quaker service (ministry) can be offered in the world by individuals and collectively. He sad that though living a Quaker life is rooted in worship characterised by silent openness in which ministry is offered, it should also be expressed in action. He illustrated this by drawing on Quaker work in prisons, attempts to influence Government policy on refugees, campaigning against the renewal of Trident, and the commitment to be a low carbon, sustainable community. He asked  each person to consider what their ministry might be and each local meeting to discover its ministry as a group. In a question and answer session the issue of membership and outreach was pursued. Paul was thanked by Jean Roucoux, an elder of Leighton Buzzard Meeting, for his inspiring and challenging visit.

Our Quiet Day

Those who participated in the Quiet Day on Saturday 21st November had a variety of activities available to explore the theme of ‘Live Adventurously’. There were plenty of spaces to meditate, to contemplate, to read, to knit, make a collage, write, or just sit and be still, being open to inspiration. There were six of us participating in the morning. We began with silent worship, and then had an introduction to the theme from Judy which encouraged us to take stock of the experiences, gifts and skills we have, so as to be ready for future adventures. Most of the morning was then spent in silence using the resources placed around the Meeting House. We had a short time of sharing our experience before lunch, when two people had to leave.

Quiet Day
Quiet Day

We shared a silent lunch. Then in the afternoon, Terry spoke to the theme and helped us focus on the future, to be open to whatever lies ahead. There were more activities and resources added to those already available, to use in a longer period of silence. Afterwards we again shared our experiences. We ended with silent worship.  We all found the day very fruitful and there is a strong feeling among us that we should have another such day next year.