Clerk’s Notices for October 2017

1 October – Apple Day Practice –  Sunday, after MfW

One of our main 2018 Tercentenary events will be a day in the Autumn

having a community party pressing juice from our apples.

We need practice. After a shared lunch, we’ll press apples and collect the juice.

We’ll even drink it!

8 October – Britain Yearly Meeting Summer Gathering Reflections  –  Sunday 2-5 pm

A discussion at our Meeting House led by Area Meeting.

The programme starts with Worship, followed by stories from participants describing

Summer Gathering. There will be a video, some small group work,

and facilitated Worship Sharing Groups.

We will reflect and evaluate: Where is the Spirit? And where is the Spirit leading us?

Closing Worship.

Please let Audrey know if you plan to attend and Alice if you can help with tea afterwards.

14 October – Quaker Activist Gathering –  Saturday 10 am – 4 pm

What does our Quaker faith prompt us to do in the world?

Join Quaker Peace & Social Witness and US Friend and activist George Lakey

for a day of sharing, workshops, networking and movement building.

Takes place at LIFT Islington, 45 White Lion Street, London  N1 9PW

More information? Kristin Skarsholt Tel: 020 7663 1121 or

4, 5 November – People not Borders at our Meeting House – Saturday & Sunday 2:30 – 4 pm

We will host a travelling mixed media exhibition,

created out of a concern for refugees.

Included will be the young peoples’ picture book, I Am Me, with textile pieces,

The Immigration Handbook by Caroline Smith (poet working with asylum seekers),

a press-button song about Calais by Minnie Birch,

a short UNICEF film, a short film about Berko Rocks and People not Borders,

and self-portraits by young Syrians now in the UK.


Clerk’s Notices for September 2017


Clerk’s Notices for August 2017


Further examination of notes made recently show the real oldest existing headstone to be that of Elizabeth Philippa Sheppard.
She died in 1838, aged 4 years.


7 August – Spirit of the Old Town Ghost Walk  Monday 8 pm

Kim Black, the creator of the Ghost Walks, is keen to work with us

and develop some new Quaker characters for her immersive theatrical experiences.

She would also like to develop a series of outdoor vignettes for our Apple Day in 2018.

Let’s support the Walk and learn some more

about the Cranstones and our environs.

Suzanne can fill you in. Book at

7 to 18 August – Quaker Tapestry Exhibition at Friends’ House

21 panels on display. Shall we go in a group?

Let Audrey know if you are interested.

20 August – Meeting for Learning

Exploring the Light – Quakers as Children of Light.

This second session led by Sonia Waterton

will be changed to

a new date, time and place.

Please pay attention to annoucements and emails.

Mental Health in Quaker Meetings Please participate in this on line survey.

The form should take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.

They are looking for responses from MfW and individuals.


New Woodbrooke Brochure available Ask Audrey or Angela for details.

1 August Elders and Overseers Meeting Tuesday, 10.45 am


Elizabeth Gurney Dimsdale,
in long silk dress and Quaker bonnet,
saw some urchins trying to ring a house bell, so she kindly rang it for them.
They immediately ran away!
After a moment’s hesitation, she too ran away.
From More Quaker Laughter, W. H. Sessions.


A girl with almond eyes whispers sweet songs to her beloved

under the enchanted pomegranate tree.

In a garden of jasmine blossoms, a young man, his cheeks like honey-dew, fills his true love’s glass with enchantment.  In a dark place, a flower has wilted, spoiled by poisonous hands.  

The songs and stories of the Middle East and Mediterranean are infused

with sensations, fragrances, tastes and colours.

Weaving together traditional and original songs, poems and stories,

German/Egyptian singer Merit Ariane

is joined by Iranian qanun player Nilufar Habibian,

British multi-instrumentalist Jon Banks

and storyteller Rosie Hilal.

Admission £10, family concessions, all profits to charity.

Please also join us if you can for a Refugees at Home event on the 3rd July at:

Welwyn Garden City Quaker Meeting House
Backhouse Lane

7pm for cake and a 7.30pm start.

Here is their website for more information:

With all best wishes,

Herts Welcomes Syrian Families

1 Calton Avenue

HertfordSG14 2EP

Copyright © 2017 Herts Welcomes Syrian Families, All rights reserved.

Concert to raise funds for Refugee Charities

Refugees At Home event


Clerk’s Notices for June 2017

17 June – Saturday at Watford Meeting House 11.00 – 4.30 pm

150 Church Rd, Watford WD17 4QB

Song and Silence – Area Meeting all-age singing workshop, led by Mark Russ from Woodbrooke.

Join us for a day that will be lively and loud, meditative and moving – bringing us together in song and silence. We will finish with a short meeting for worship.

A crèche/children’s drop-in space will be available, though children can attend the workshop for part or all of the day.

Link group will be attending. No charge for under 18s.

You are asked to pay what you can afford, ranging from £5.00 – £40.00. Bring food to share for lunch.

There will be a simple supper and an evening round the fire in the garden

Please contact Emily Janes on emilyhjanes@googlemail by Friday 9 June to book in advance.

Do you require a space in the crèche? Do you wish to stay for supper?

Please advise Audrey if you are planning to attend.

25 June – Meeting for Learning

Immediately after Meeting for Worship. To last 45 minutes.

Exploring the Light – Quakers as Children of Light.

Led by Sonia Waterton.

27 June – Elders and Overseers Meeting, Tuesday, 10.30 am

2 July – Meeting for Business

Looking ahead to 4 & 5 November

Created out of a concern for refugees, a travelling mixed media exhibition will come to our Meeting House.

Included will be the young peoples’ picture book, I Am Me, with textile pieces illustrating it,

The Immigration Handbook by Caroline Smith (poet working with asylum seekers),

a press-button song by Minnie Birch about Calais,

a short UNICEF film, a short film about Berko Rocks and People not Borders,

self-portraits by young Syrians now in the UK, and more.

A mother had taken her small son to Meeting for the first time,
and after they had been sitting for a little time without anything being said,
the little chap asked in an audible voice: ‘Mother, why are they all sitting so silently?’
The mother hushed the child.
Shortly afterwards a Friend rose, and began,
‘Our first speaker this morning has put before us a most important question.’
From More Quaker Laughter, W. H. Sessions


Clerk’s Notices for May 2017

Sheena Millington, visiting our garden in February, was pleased to see the well-clipped ornamental Box that she had planted many years ago. Now, our fruit trees are still in bloom.

7th May:   Meeting for Business

14th May:    Area Meeting, Watford

2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

Friends Meeting House, 150 Church Rd, Watford WD17 4QB

Topics include a report on Children & Young People in the Meeting.

Special event: Junior link in the morning and creche in the afternoon

All families are invited to the Junior link event. There will be all-age worship on the theme of ‘Unity of Creation’ from 10.30am. There will be a small amount of pre-prepared ministry and the theme links to Chapter 25 of Quaker Faith and Practice. Bring your own lunch and stay for Area Meeting in the afternoon. A crèche/children’s drop-in space will be run for the afternoon. Contact Emily Janes on to book a place.

Please advise Audrey if you are planning to attend Area Meeting

21st May:    Meeting for Learning

Immediately after Meeting for Worship. To last 45 minutes.

Roger Ramsden will lead us in a simple exercise with questions that generate discussion: We all make judgments and assumptions on the basis of information available to us. How would our assumptions be improved if we could always use the views and perceptions of other people? What are the origins of prejudice? Why do we choose to stubbornly hold on to our preferred view of the social world? How do we decide who to vote for? Does Quakerism encourage us to be more open to change? What are the core values of Quakerism?

23rd May:    Elders and Overseers Meeting, Tuesday, 10.30 am

At a business meeting on a very hot afternoon, the door was left open.
A hen walked in and proceeded to walk up the middle aisle toward the Clerk’s desk.
The Clerk asked, ‘And what hast thou to lay before the Meeting?’
From More Quaker Laughter, W. H. Sessions


Clerk’s Notices for February 2017

Sunday 12th

Area Meeting at St Albans 2.00pm

“Militarisation of our Schools” *

Monday 13th

Dacorum Interfaith, Quaker Meeting House 7.30pm

“Artificial Intelligence & Humanity-what implications for faith?”

Dacorum Interfaith Network promotes mutual respect, understanding,

acceptance, trust and friendship between communities

of different faiths and beliefs in Dacorum.

They meet 10 times a year. Google it for more.

Sunday 19th

Children’s Meeting 10.30am

Silent worship and creative activities based on Quaker beliefs

Saturday 25th

The Kindlers Workshop at Friends House 10.30am to 5.00pm

“Prayer & Healing”: A Kindlers workshop led by Frances Crampton and Gill Sewell.

Deepening Worship: journey into the heart of the Quaker way. An experiential day to open the spirit.

Prayer will be expressed in a variety of forms as we explore our desire for healing, thanksgiving and help.

10.00 refreshments for 10:30 start. 16:30 tea for 17:00 finish.

Sunday 26th

Shared lunch followed by “The Life of our Meeting”.

Our Clerk will present, realistically, our Meeting as it is now.

Members of the Tercentenary committee will present, optimistically,

the plans for our commemoration in 2018.

Planning ahead:

Sunday 5th March

Meeting for Worship for Business

Sunday 12th March

Area Meeting at 2.00 pm

*More on Militarisation in Schools

St Albans Quaker Meeting House

Sunday, 12 February 2.00pm

Introductory Talks

From the Ministry of Defence to the Classroom – The Rise of Militarisation

Ellis Brooks, QPSW  The Unseen March – Short film on militarisation

Challenging Militarism in the Context of the Peace Testimony – Don Rowe

Conscientious Objection and Peace Education – Simon Colbeck

Workshop Sessions

The workshops will explore the three areas in more depth