Woodlands for all update

Our Woodlands for All project is continuing to grow.  At a steering meeting the week after our public event, which took place on 22 April on Zoom our agreed actions were .

  1. Organise group knowledge sharing and research around understanding the Dacorum Local Strategic Plan
  2. Work on mapping Hemel Hempstead’s existing woodland and tree cover 
  3. Decide on specifics of approach and key points to raise with Dacorum Council when our next meeting is arranged

We have made significant progress on point two and are about to launch a new website, called Woodland Towns  designed by group member Sherief Hassan, and Hemel Quakers clerk, Mermie Karger

We are contacting everyone who was involved up til now to get involved in a project to map woodlands, and the development areas immediately being targeted by Property Developers around Dacorum and the that of the local plan which aims to build 30,000 plus houses around Hemel alone.

There will be a series of meetings on Zoom on Thursday nights at 8.00 pm to prepare the website for a launch during big Green Week . This is a massive feat of organisation if it can be done. If you would like to help us and get involved in  the mapping project email : woodlandsforall @woodlandtowns.org.uk

This is a fun project and volunteers can spend as much or as little time as they like on mapping, but beware, as Mermie says “Its addictive”!

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