13 January 2018 Hat Party and Talent Show

Plenty of food was brought by many, so first we ate.

Still seated, each table worked together on two assignments. First we nominated a fantasy set of responsible Quakers to fill the duties of caring for the Meeting. Harry Potter characters were popular. So was the Cheshire Cat, but he kept disappearing, so we settled for others – especially for Treasurer.

The second assignment was to answer questions set forth in a historic quiz with a question for each 100 years since the Meetinghouse was built in 1718, as well as a prediction for 2118. An optimistic response is pictured. Several other answers speculated on whether or not we will have decided by then what to do about a wall at the back of the garden.













Left: Jean played some delightful short works by Schubert. Right: Dame Clarice expounded on her successes in improving the NHS by installing treatment facilities in Tesco, paid for directly at the till.



















Left: Sonia sang Barbara Allan to Roy’s guitar accompaniment. Right: Bob and friend entertained us with ukulele tunes and favourite jokes (groaners!) of  Tommy Cooper.

This year, Alice, our very own dance instructor, taught the basics of the Minuet, appropriate in this year of our 300th anniversary.



Left: Young Bea, showed us how she’s following her mother with her own talented leaps and bounds. Centre: Unable to decide which hat, Roy brought, and wore, four, and told a very tall tale of the resulting adventures. Right: Jean carefully assembled these brooches onto her Quaker hat.



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