Our Annual After Christmas Party Time

Saturday 14th January

It’s almost an institution among Hemel Hempstead Quakers. We gather to eat a buffet lunch and enjoy the entertainment provided by those of us who have rashly volunteered to “do a turn”.

Admission is by hat: everyone must wear some kind of headgear.

This year they ranged from the sporty to the monstrous, and the prize for the best was awarded to Kathy for her initiative in making her own strikingly original hat to a Japanese origami design.

Over our excellent buffet meal we could exercise our brains with a quiz provided by Sherief in which we had to fit photos of art works past and present in Hemel Hempstead to their locations.

Audrey played the lady in charge at a disastrous W.I. meeting, introducing her guest speaker, Professor McD’Ennis, with red hair and Tam O’Shanter bonnet and clad in an unforgettable kilt. (By the way, Audrey says the kilt is now for sale. Worn once, one careful owner.)

Jean read us a poem which might make us all aspire to reach the age of 100. Bob made us laugh with some suitably groan worthy old jokes, giving us the opportunity to supply the punch lines. He then demonstrated his impressive progress on the ukulele.














Alice directed us in an armchair ballet to music from Swan Lake. How beautiful Alice made it look!

Sonia sang a lively yodelling song with actions and persuaded us all to join in.

Roger, Sammy and Suzanne dramatically brought to life the poem Jabberwocky, with Sammy in his realistic suit of armour.

Sammy made a grand job of slaying the monstrous beast, who made a terrifying entrance wearing a very frightening piece of headgear, another origami triumph and Roger’s handiwork.

We owe our thanks to all those who did a turn or contributed an item, to Christabel for organising the lunch, to Sherief for the quiz, to Alison F. for her supply of very welcome hot drinks, and most of all to Suzanne who organised it all.

Notes by Alison E., Photos by Kathy

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