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5 days ago

Harpenden Quaker Meeting

We stand for peace. We remember all the victims of war. A Veteran speaks on Remembrance Day

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This Sunday Britain's great and good gather at the cenotaph, but there's something wrong with Remembrance Sunday.
Afghanistan Veteran Joe Glenton explains why.
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October is the last chance to see the exhibition of The Life of George Fox in 13 paintings by John Goodey (before they go elsewhere). We are opening the Meeting House as much as we can during Quaker Week. Do come. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 months ago

Harpenden Quaker Meeting

Follow the Quakers from Yealand on their ride for Equality. Setting off on 22 July and coming through Harpenden. To be continued...Margaret Fell was a woman well ahead of her time and a force to be reckoned with. So it is very fitting that we look to undertake a Ride for Equality in the footsteps of a woman whose life’s work was to strive for equality for all.

She was an amazing supporter of women’s rights and indeed the rights of all humans. She had such strength of conviction and it was this powerful faith that we continue to applaud today.

In the spirit of awareness and pride of the actions of those who have gone before us, placing themselves at great risk to demand the freedoms we enjoy today, such as the suffragettes, we mark out the work of Margaret Fell; a woman of great substance and one who modern day Quakers proudly uphold as the mother of Quakerism.

And perhaps, if you find yourself in the Yealand area on the evening of the 22nd July (the first day of the Ride) you might like to attend a talk from fellow Quaker, Chris Bullard, who is very knowledgeable on the subject of Margaret Fell. We hope that further talks from Chris will be scheduled along the journey.

We would just like to share with you a couple remarkable facts about this woman (that have been provided by Chris Bullard).

• On ten occasions between 1660 and 1698, Margaret Fell travelled from Swarthmoor Hall, (now in Cumbria) to London and back a journey of 500 miles. The last time was
when she was 84 years old.

• 1666 Margaret Fell wrote a book entitled “Women's Speaking Justified” described by Elsa F. Glines in her book Undaunted Zeal - The Letters of Margaret Fell as ‘a plea
for spiritual equality between men and women, her most important book to today’s readers.

• In February 1664, Margaret Fell was arrested and committed to prison at Lancaster for having a meeting at her house. She refused to promise to cease to have
meetings at her home so they asked her to swear the oath of allegiance which she refused.

The judge then pronounced the sentence of praemunire, placing her outside the king’s protection and involving forfeiture of all her estate, real and personal, to the
king, and life imprisonment. On hearing the sentence, she made the response, ‘Although I am out of the King’s protection I am not out of the protection of the
almighty God’. Margaret Fell’s imprisonment did not end until four years later in June 1668. She was imprisoned for a further year in 1670 -1.

If you like this post share it and spread the word in the weeks leading up to the Ride 🙂 Thankyou
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