First Timers

Horsham MeetingJust walk in – there is no dress code, no expectation of religious belief and no pressure.  Someone will be there to say hello and show you where to sit.

In a Quaker Meeting there are no hymns, readings or set prayers. As people arrive, they sit in silence, each free to reflect and pray in their own way, but in the company of others. Occasionally someone may interrupt the silence, stand, and speak to the meeting as a whole, sharing an insight, prayer or experience. The meeting ends after about an hour.  Children are very welcome – they can stay in the main room or use the Middle room where there are toys in the cupboards.  Please do not worry about noise – we are used to children and love having them with us.

We have tea/coffee and a chat afterwards, so do stay if you can.

Whether mildly curious, or feeling more strongly that Quakerism might be for you, you would be very welcome.  We will apply no pressure because we believe that true religion starts within the experience of each of us, so how you feel will be valued and respected. Many of us came to Quakerism in our adult life, so if you are a bit apprehensive we know how you feel, and will do our best to make you feel at home.

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