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Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man : A Mass for Peace comes to Milton Keynes Theatre

Local Quakers who make music will be among those lending their talents to a performance of Karl Jenkins’  powerful anti-war composition, The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace, in Milton Keynes Theatre, on Sunday 14th October, at 7.30 p.m.

This much acclaimed composition, written for the Millennium celebrations, is a perfect choice in 2018 which commemorates the centenary of the end  of World War I. Using a wide range of texts, Jenkins weaves an astonishing  tapestry, from the dark menace of war to the bright hope for peace for the future.

The texts include extracts from the Catholic Mass, the Islamic call to prayer, Hindu and Japanese sources, the Bible and famous literary works. The Armed Man is a compelling  and universal message to all, describing the descent into,  and terrible consequences of, war. It examines conflict through the ages, including an especially poignant  movement that reflects on the aftermath of the  bombing of Hiroshima in World War II. The work ends with optimism, declaring ‘Better is peace than evermore war’, and a moving, unaccompanied setting of words, beginning ‘God shall  wipe away all tears’, that is taken from the Book of Revelation.

The Danesborough Chorus is joined by Bedford Choral Society and welcomes soloists Eve McGrath (soprano) and Naeem Mahmood (muezzin). Milton Keynes City Orchestra accompanies the performance .

More information is available at, with tickets from Danesborough Tickets tel. 01908 583460, Bedford Choral Society  Tickets tel. 01234  781421 or  Milton Keynes Theatre Box Office. 


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