The Quaker Meeting  is located at:
Bedford Quaker Meeting House
5 Lansdowne Road
MK40 2BY

Welcome  to Bedford Quaker Meeting.

Quakers are a religious organisation dating from the seventeenth century. Its roots are in Christianity and today Quakers are a broad-based group of those who believe that there is that of God in everyone which we can come to recognise and learn from.

At this time of the Corona Virus pandemic in the UK all our normal Meetings for Worship and other events are subject to health restrictions. HANDS, FACE, SPACE is the continuing key health message for all of us.

The Quaker community continues to be caring, supportive and worshipful.

Please look at the most recent edition of The Announcer on our Events page for up to date information or contact our Clerk clerk@bedfordquakers.org.uk or use 07949 972159.

Here are details for Sunday Meetings for Worship on-line

Topic: Quakers in Bedford Meeting for Worship
Time: Sunday 1030 -1130 This is a recurring meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 3355 8523
Passcode: 719704

More details are on the Meetings for Worship page, including connecting by telephone and information about Thursday mid-day Meeting  for Worship.
Amidst the pressure and noise of life, there is in silent worship a healing and creative power. We sit quietly in a circle, coming to stillness in our minds and openness in our hearts. We believe there is something of God within us all and when we hear  a revelation in our hearts that is helpful to us and maybe to others we stand to share it.
Picture of Bedford Quaker Meeting House in springtime, 2016.

Picture of Bedford Quaker Meeting House in the early 2000s

Information about Quakers, including a free information pack can be found at http://www.quaker.org.uk/


‘Quaker Quest’ on youtube:  short videos of Quakers answering questions about Quaker faith can be found on this page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFzQNZDdyFE 

Quaker Art: a link to an interactive piece of internet art by Linda Murgatroyd, introducing Quakers. Click on all the highlighted squares to discover its hidden treasures.


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